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TFN E-News Update / April 2019

New Tips from Former Smokers® Ads Focus on the Impact of Smoking on Family

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) kicked off the national Tips ad buy on Monday, April 11, and it will continue through October 6. During the campaign, ads will run on national networks and be tagged with 1-800-QUIT-NOW. There will also be digital ads running during this time.

The new ads for 2019 are:

  • Dana: Impact on family – This ad features Dana, the daughter of Tips® participant Terrie, who explains that families also experience difficulties when smokers experience health problems.
  • Christine: Quit Smoking for Those Who Love You and Head of Household – In 2019, CDC features Christine in two new spots. The first ad, “Quit Smoking For Those Who Love You,” focuses on the family as the source of inspiration for a smoker to quit. The second ad, “Head of Household,” speaks to the heavy burden Christine’s smoking-related illness placed upon her son during his teenage years.
  • Terrie: I Wish – This ad features Terrie shortly before her death in 2013 and her wish that she had never seen nor smoked a cigarette.
  • Leonard Nimoy: More Time – Featuring Susan Nimoy, the wife of Leonard Nimoy (Spock, from Star Trek), this ad shares how COPD from smoking impacted Leonard’s life. She reflects that you always think you have more time, but you never do. 

No Limits Youth Board Now Accepting Applications for New Members

No Limits is looking for new Nebraska youth interested in joining its mission. Do you know a student who is passionate about activism and health? To apply, the student must be 14-18 years old and be in grades 9-12 in the fall of 2019. Applications are due May 8, 2019. Read more here.

Study Examines Effect of 1% Smoking Rate Reduction on Medicaid Expenditures

An economic evaluation from the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) found that the estimated Medicaid savings in the year following a 1% reduction of smoking prevalence would total $2.6 billion, with median state savings of $25 million. Read more here.

New CDC Videos Share Benefits of Quitline

Research has shown that smokers have an overall low awareness of quitlines and often have fears about cost, judgment and confidentiality. The CDC Office on Smoking and Health has created new videos with the goal of demystifying quitlines to build comfort with calling and highlight the benefits. There are 1-, 2- and 5-minute videos currently available and 15- and 30-second social videos are in the works. See all videos and read more here.

CDC Guidance on Use of Smoking Images in Effective Counter-Marketing Ads

Are you creating tobacco counting-marketing pieces? Check out this resource from CDC: Guidance on Smoking Images in Counter-Marketing Ads. The document includes tips like avoiding smoking images and cues that can activate cravings in smokers or former smokers. Read more here.

New Resource Highlights the Lifetime Impact the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline

Optum has created a new resource highlighting the statewide impact of the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline. Read more here.

Free NRT Continues Through the Quitline

Promotional fliers are available to download and share with partners:

Public Health Law Center Highlights Retail Restrictions in New Resources

Researchers from Brookings Institution, the Public Health Law Center and Washington University have recently collaborated to examine the impact of six cigarette sale restrictions in Minnesota. The project, Tobacco Town Minnesota, uses computer simulation to help visualize data collected. Read more here.

Truth: Pharmacists & Customers Agree-Tobacco Does Not Belong in Pharmacies

Pharmacies are a top destination for health care, yet most major pharmacy chains sell tobacco. The Truth Initiative recently conducted an online discussion with pharmacists to learn how they viewed the issue. Read more here.

Barriers to Smoking Cessation Support within Lower Socioeconomic Groups

A literature review published in Preventative Medicine examines the many barriers that prevent smokers in lower socioeconomic groups from accessing smoking cessation support. This review may serve as a starting point for tailoring an approach to addressing these barriers. Read more here.

FDA Webpage Highlights Facts and Fiction of Smoking Cessation and Medications

During an FDA public hearing focused on the organization’s approach to evaluating nicotine replacement therapies, a variety of concerns and misconceptions were heard. FDA has responded with the development of a new website addressing many of these statements. Read more here.

New County Health Rankings Released by Robert Woods Johnson Foundation

The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin have released the annual County Health Rankings. The rankings measure vital health factors, including smoking, in nearly every county in America. Explore their interactive map and read more here.

School Tobacco Policies, Administration Perceptions and Student E-Cigarette Use

Research published in the Health Behavior and Policy Review showed that in schools with an e-cigarette policy in place, fewer administrators perceived e-cigarettes as an issue and e-cigarette use among students actually declined. Read more here.