We’re consistently working to provide relevant information about tobacco use and its effects on individuals to the citizens of Buffalo County and south-central Nebraska, and we’ve combined the following resources to help in our mission.

Advocacy vs. Lobbying Use Indicator
What is the difference between advocacy and lobbying, and why is advocacy important to public health? Read this article by the National Association of County & City Health Officials for more information.
Nebraska Tobacco Facts Sheet
Take a look at these quick facts to learn about Nebraska’s tobacco laws and the economics related to tobacco consumption, its population’s tobacco product use and health effects, and the statistics behind quitting use.
Smoke-Free Hotels
As a result of the Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act, we’ve been working with businesses to promote a smooth transition to a smoke-free environment. See a list of hotels in Kearney that are 100% smoke-free.
Smoke-Free Rentals
You can be picky about where you live – especially considering the poor health effects second-hand smoke can have. See a list of rental agencies in Kearney whose units have gone smoke-free.
Social Determinants of Health
There are many conditions in the places we live, learn, work, and play that affect our health risks and outcomes. Learn more about the CDC’s research on these determinants.
Tax Rates
The tax rate on cigarette packs can have a direct effect on the purchase rates. View a map of cigarette tax rates by state and see how each state ranks in the tax it charges.
Tobacco Free Nebraska
Nebraska’s comprehensive tobacco prevention program is called Tobacco Free Nebraska. Learn more about the program’s purpose and take a look at its many resources.
Tobacco Free Living
There’s no safe level of secondhand smoke exposure or tobacco use. View our tobacco free living campaign materials and share them to help promote the message.
Tobacco Indicators
Take a look at a few tobacco-related indicators that we’ve found in the past two decades and see how the past data and current data compares.
Prescription Medication Assistance
Some organizations provide free or reduced-cost prescriptions to eligible consumers who are attempting to quit smoking tobacco. See the list of companies here.
Quit Line
Ready to quit smoking? We’ve combined some resources from the Nebraska Department of Health & Human Services to help you on your journey.
Resources to Download
Many organizations have conducted research about tobacco use and its effect on individual health, companies, and schools. Download the resources below to learn more.