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TFN E-News Update / May 2019

New Resource: Data & Trends 2018 is Now Available on the TFN Website

This new resource from Tobacco Free Nebraska highlights the current trends in tobacco use in the state. Read more here.

DHHS: Smoking Rates Decline in Nebraska

A press release recently distributed through Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services highlighted the drop in adult smoking rate and other social norm changes happening throughout the state. Read more here.

New Resource from CDC Helps Adults Educate Youth on E-Cigarette Dangers

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has developed a presentation to educate youth on e-cigarettes, including health risks, factors that lead to use and what youth can do to avoid all tobacco products. This resource is intended for adults who educate or serve youth ages 11-18 and includes a PowerPoint, full script and an information-for-users document. Read more here.

New Truth Initiative Ads on Flavored E-Cigarettes Available for Use

The Truth Initiative is offering new truth®-branded content focused on flavored e-cigarettes. The content has been created specifically for youth-serving partners and stakeholders and focuses on the facts and dangers of flavored e-cigarettes.

Spots include:

The assets are available in :30-, :15- and :10-second length, plus scripted social media posts, gifs and still images. The assets are available free of charge and can be run online (and some on TV) without any co-branding or modifications. Contact Rebecca Carle for more information.

Internal Tobacco Industry Documents: Promotions & Pricing After Tax Increases

An analysis of internal tobacco industry documents published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research shows that tobacco companies have created promotions to reduce the effectiveness of tobacco tax increases. Read more here.

FDA Authorizes Marketing of New Non-Combustible Cigarettes

At the end of April, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration authorized the marketing of a new tobacco product manufactured by Phillip Morris, IQOS (I Quit Ordinary Smoking). The tobacco heating system is being marketing as “heat, not burn” and is used in a variety of products. The FDA also placed stringent restrictions on these products to prevent youth access and exposure. Read more here.

Updated Smoke-Free Public Housing Tools

New documents and tools to help support Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) with smoke-free policy compliance and enforcement are now available from Clean Air for All: The Smoke-Free Public Housing Project. Read more here.

Free NRT Continues Through the Quitline

Promotional fliers are available to download and share with partners:

Christine: “Every time I wanted to smoke, I would think of my children … “

June 6th is National Cancer Survivor’s Day. In this Tips from Former Smokers® ad, Christine describes her journey through cancer caused by smoking and the impact it had on her family.

HR Questions: Vape in the Workplace

E-cigarette use at work continues to gain attention from human resources leaders and benefit consultants. Read more on how to handle vape in the workplace here. Also watch a recording of a recent EX® Program webinar on the topic and get answers to the questions posed by live viewers.

Tobacco 21: Why the Tobacco Industry Supports Passing Policy & What it Means

An article published by the Truth Initiative examines the tobacco industry’s growing support for tobacco 21 policies and what this PR move really means. The article dives into what makes a policy strong versus weak and the harm a weak policy can cause. Read more here.

New Intervention Doubles Quit Rate Among Smokers with Mental Illnesses

A study published in Science Daily News highlights tactics deployed by a group of mental health practitioners to provide evidence-based behavioral support to smokers with severe mental illness in the patient’s home along with providing access to NRT. Read more here.

Health Groups Urge FDA to Investigate JUUL for Unauthorized Cessation Claims

Six leading public health and medical organizations have called on the FDA to investigate and take enforcement action against JUUL for making unauthorized claims that the company’s e-cigarettes help users stop smoking. Read more here.

ChangeLab Solutions Releases New Resource on Purchase, Use & Possession

ChangeLab Solutions has released a new resource on Purchase, Use and Possession (PUP) laws. PUP laws continue to be proposed or maintained in Tobacco 21 bills and ordinances, however they are often influenced and supported by the tobacco industry. Read more here.