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TFN E-News Update / October 2017

Interactive Tool Estimates Projected Impact of Tobacco Control Policies

The new Tobacco Control Policy Tool provides allows users to interactively examine the effects of different tobacco control policies using a policy simulation model. Factors for consideration include taxes, smoke-free policy, tobacco control funding and minimum age. The tool can be found here.


November is National Diabetes Month

Research shows that smokers have a greater risk of developing type 2 diabetes than non-smokers. Learn more on this connection in the resources below.

Fact sheet: More information on smoking and diabetes is available on the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) fact sheet found here.

Tip from a Former Smoker®: Bill had diabetes and used to smoke. Cigarette smoking made his diabetes much worse. Watch in the video below as Bill tells about health problems he developed by smoking.

Bill’s Tip from a Former Smoker® –
Smoking and Diabetes


FDA Finalizes Guidance on Prohibiting Free Samples of Tobacco Products

The FDA recently issued the final guidance, The Prohibition of Distributing Free Samples of Tobacco Products. Though not legally binding, this guidance explains, among other things, what and who are subject to the prohibition, as well as how the prohibition applies to the distribution of tobacco products through:

  • Non-monetary exchanges
  • Membership and rewards programs
  • Contests and games of chance
  • Business-to-business exchanges

The guidance can be found here.


Big Tobacco to Run Ads on Health Risks of Smoking Following Lawsuit

Major U.S. cigarette companies will soon begin publishing a series of blunt statements about the health risks of smoking as a part of a court order stemming from a 1999 lawsuit brought by the federal government. Read more here.


Tobacco-Free Kids Updates Website

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids recently launched their new website. Factsheets and resources on federal, state and local issues including, tobacco prevention and cessation programs, tobacco taxes, smoke-free laws and more can be found here.


Conflicting Interests? Philip Morris Puts $1 Billion into New Organization

Newly established organization called the “Foundation for a Smoke-Free World” was funded with a $1 billion, 12-year commitment from tobacco company Philip Morris International. A statement on the foundation from the World Health Organization (WHO) can be found here.

Read more on the reaction from the tobacco control world in a post from BMJ Blogs found here.


How Does Nebraska Measure Up? ACSCAN Releases New State Data 

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network(ACSCAN) has released their annual report, which illustrates where each state stands on key cancer-related issues. The full report, including maps and success stories, can be found here


Updated BRFSS Maps on Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco Use Available

The adult smoking rate in Nebraska remains at 17% for the second year, according to the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System (BFRSS). More information on the smoking and smokeless tobacco-use rates across the state can be found here


In the Labs: Nicotine Metabolizes Different in Type 2 Diabetics 

The way nicotine is metabolized has an effect on addiction and researchers in this study found that type 2 diabetics metabolized the nicotine in cigarettes faster than adults without diabetes. Read more here.


“Heat-Not-Burn” Cigarettes: What are They & What is the Danger? 

A different type of tobacco product may land on American shelves soon if the FDA approves IQOS (I-Quit-Ordinary-Smoking), a type of “heat-not-burn” tobacco product by Philip Morris. Read more in an article from The Truth Initiative® found here


New Resources Available from Tobacco Control Legal Consortium

Updated 50-State Review of E-Cig Regulations – Map is based on a 50-state survey of statutes pertaining to e-cigarette regulations.

Kids, Cars and Cigarettes: A Policy Overview – Updated factsheet containing answers to several common questions about regulating smoking in cars when children are present.

U.S. Prohibitions on Smoking in Cars with Children – Updated chart containing links to U.S. legislation prohibiting smoking in cars with children present.


Secondhand Smoke & Policies in Philadelphia Public Housing 

Multi-unit housing environments remain significant sources of secondhand smoke exposure, especially for vulnerable populations in subsidized housing. This study examines changes within the Philadelphia PHAs after their smoke-policy implementation. Read more here


Snap a Picture, Share and Enter the Counter Tobacco Photo Contest!

The tobacco industry spends $1 million every hour to market their products, a total which amounted to $8.2 billion spent on point-of-sale marketing in 2014. Counter Tobacco wants your help to document and expose the tobacco industry’s marketing tactics. 

This is a chance to involve youth or submit your own images. Contest deadline is November 6. View submitted images and find more information here.


Upcoming Events

Great American Smokeout
Nov. 16
Smokers across the nation can take part by making a plan to quit smoking, or plan in advance and quit smoking that day. More information can be found here.

Quick Links 

Nebraska Tobacco Quitline

Tobacco Hurts Business

NE Dept. of Health & Human Services (DHHS)

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