Smoke Free Livin’ -BooShawa-

Most likely the University of Nebraska’s Peer Health Education’s most unusual project—Booshawa, a made up word which has been published in the Urban Dictionary, Booshawa. In short Booshawa is a word that ought to be exclaimed when anything of EPIC significance takes place which is beneficial to you. Like finding a place to live or visit that is smoke-free.

As Peer Health Educators our hope is to educate students and staff on the benefits of being tobacco free in fun and wacky ways. Although Booshawa in itself never talks about tobacco, it has helped create a bridge to our tobacco free resources! We’ve already had individuals see the word, google it, browse our site, and QUIT SMOKING! BAM, now that’s Booshawa! Check out some of our awesome-sauce adventures at Peer Health below:


Some of our Booshawa Moments :

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