Tobacco Indicators

 Tobacco Related Indicators 2000-Present


Past Data 

Most Current Data

Tobacco Use Indicator
Adult Smoking Rate Buffalo County
Current Smoker
Buffalo County Adult Risk Factor Surveillance System

 41% (2000)

 26% (2009)

Youth Smoking Rate Buffalo County Smoked in last 30 days
Buffalo County Youth Risk Behavior Survey (YRBS)

 24.8% (2000)

 11.2% (2009)

Quitting Tobacco Use
Nebraska Tobacco Cessation Quit line Callers Buffalo County

# of Quit line Callers

18 (2006-2007 July-June)

44 (2010-2011 July-June)

Average per month
(Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast, etc.)

1.5 (2006-2007 July-June)

3.7 (2010-2011 July-June)

Tobacco Policy-Enforcement
Nebraska Clean Indoor Air Act of 2008-Two Rivers Health Dept and local law enforcement worked together to enforce the law
# of 1st and 2nd Complaints

 9 (2009-2010)

 2 (2011 January-July)

Tobacco Use- University of Nebraska at Kearney
American College Health Association Survey (ACHA)
Percentage of College students who have NEVER used cigarettes

52.6% (2002)

65.7% (2008)

State Tobacco Tax Rate

$.64 (2002)

$.64 (2011)

Tobacco Policy- Environmental
Smoke-Free Homes and Vehicles
Total Two Rivers Health District households having rules against smoking anywhere in the home (Adult Tobacco Survey/Social Climate Survey)

72.5% (2004-2005)

85.9% (2008-2009)

Total Two Rivers Health District residents having rules that do not allow smoking in the family car (Adult Tobacco Survey/Social Climate Survey)

74.3% (2004-2005)

82.5% (2008-2009)

Lodging Facilities
(Hotels, Motels, Bed & Breakfast, etc.)
Total Two Rivers Health District Percentage of those that travel and stay in a hotel or motel, and usually request a non-smoking room. 

79.5% (2004-2005)

89.0% (2008-2009)