Answers About Tobacco

TFN E-News Update / November 30, 2020

Updated State Tobacco Fact Sheets

The Truth Initiative has updated and released fact sheets focused on tobacco in all 50 states. See how Nebraska compares to other states in areas like cigarettes use rate, economics of tobacco use and control and state laws.

New National Adult Tobacco Use Data Shows Troubling Trends

According to an article released in the CDC journal, Morbidity and Morality Weekly Report, while the adult cigarette smoking rate has remained virtually unchanged since 2017, e-cigarette use in on the rise. In addition, the decline in smoking rates seems to have stalled around the same time that e-cigarette use has increased.


COVID-19 Risks Updated

The CDC Coronavirus webpages have been updated to reflect data showing adults who smoke or have a history of smoking are at an increased risk of severe illness from COVID-19. The webpages are available in a variety of languages to help with outreach.



Counter Tobacco Highlights Rural Tobacco Disparities at Point-of-Sale

Counter Tobacco has updated its webpage focused on rural tobacco use disparities. This resource details causes of these disparities at the point-of-sale location, examines equity-driven and rural-focused policy solutions and offers additional resources on advancing tobacco control across rural retail landscapes.


Tailored Health Communication: Opportunities & Challenges

An open-access collection published in Digital Health, reports on recent developments in the field of tailored health communication. The editorial summarizes the scope and findings of the articles in the collection.


TipsĀ® Ad Offers Practical Advice for People Looking to Quit Smoking

In this Tips from Formers SmokersĀ® ad, Beatrice, Wilma and James share the simple things they did to help keep them on track with their quit-smoking attempts. These little steps helped them successfully quit. This ad may be useful to share ahead of the holiday season, when many people are looking to quit.

American Lung Association Launches School Initiative

The American Lung Association (ALA) has launched its Vape-Free Schools Initiative aimed to recognize schools taking steps to respond to the youth e-cigarette use epidemic.