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TFN E-News Update / June 22, 2021

Honoring Black Lives on Juneteenth and Beyond

Last week, President Biden signed a law making Juneteenth a federal holiday. Juneteenth celebrates the arrival of the news of emancipation from slavery. If you are unfamiliar with Juneteenth, we encourage you to learn more about the observance and its history by visiting the links below:
  • Official Juneteenth Worldwide Celebration’s history page
  • National Museum of African American History and Culture’s Juneteenth page

Combating Industry Targeting of Tribes

For decades, the commercial tobacco industry targeted American Indians/American Natives with marketing and pricing tacticsthat resulted in disproportionate rates of tobacco-related chronic disease in these populations. Now e-cigarette companies are doing the same thing, with a heightened focus on youth. A new resource from the Public Health Law Center provides an overview of the deceptive practices and suggests ways tribes can combat the industry targeting.
Additional Resource:

CDC Study Takes a Closer Look at Youth E-Cigarette Use in 2020

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in collaboration with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration released a study, Characteristics of E-Cigarette Use Behaviors Among U.S. Youth – 2020, on JAMA Network Open. The study examined e-cigarette use among youth in 2020. The findings suggest that although use dropped from 2019 to 2020 in this population, prevalence, frequent use and use of flavored products remained high.

New Cessation Medication Web Content from CDC

CDC Office on Smoking and Health has recently launched new web content related to smoking cessation medicines on the Tips From Former Smoker® website. The new pages help people who want to quit smoking select a quit-smoking medicine and learn how to use the 7 FDA approved medicines to increase their chances of a successful quit attempt. There is also a page focused on 7 common withdrawal symptoms and how they can be managed. These resources can be helpful in developing cessation messaging.


Scholarship Opportunity for Young People Over 18

The Truth Initiative is giving away five Impact Scholarships ($3,000 each) to leaders ages 18 and older who are taking action on mental health, social justice and the environment. Tobacco and e-cigarette use is at the intersection of all of these causes. If you know someone who could be interested, the deadline to apply is August 30.

New American Lung Association Resource Collection

The American Lung Association has released a new technical assistance resource collection developed for public health professionals focusing on tobacco treatment integration via health system change in behavioral health settings. See the attached flier for more information. Links to the resources can also be found below.

Chronic Tobacco Exposure by Smoking Develops Insulin Resistance

There is a high occurrence rate of insulin resistance and type-2 diabetes among tobacco users. A study published in Endocrine, Metabolic and Immune Disorders – Drug Targets illustrates how tobacco exposure contributes to adverse effects in the body by impairing the physical, biochemical and molecular processes. Read more here.

Resources for Pride Month in June

Free Social Media Images to Promote Quitting Smoking During Pride

There are over 11 million LGBT adults in the U.S. Over 29% of that population use tobacco products. June is Pride Month and also a great time to do community outreach promoting the free resources of the Nebraska Tobacco Quitline.
Here are some images to help support your social media efforts:

A Closer Look at the Numbers: LGBTQ+ Tobacco Impact Model

In 2014, the CDC-funded LCBTQ tobacco disparity network collaborated with CDC’s Dr. Brian King to create a model estimating how much LGBT people in the U.S. spend on cigarettes each year. In 2020, the National LGBT Cancer Network worked with Dr. King to update the Tobacco Impact Model for U.S. Adult LGBTQ+ Populations using the newest data available.

Easy-to-Understand Articles on Cancer in LGBTQ+ Populations

Articles available on the National LGBT Cancer Network Cancer in LGBTQ+ Communities webpage draw upon current research articles, but are written in plain language. The articles are intended to be understandable by a broad audience who may not have a background in science, but include detailed citations to medical journals.

TFLC and OutNebraska Team Up for Roundtable Discussion

In early June, Tobacco Free Lancaster County (TFLC) and OutNebraska hosted a roundtable discussion titled, “Is Tobacco Use a Social Justice Issue in the LGBTQ Community?” The event included expert panelists from the National LGBT Cancer Network, OutNebraska and TFLC. The discussion covered topics on tobacco prevention in the LGBTQ community, associated health disparities and advice on removing barriers in promoting tobacco prevention and cessation. A recording of the session is available here.

New CTFK Report Details Tobacco Industry Targeting of Women

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids has recently published a report detailing the tobacco industry’s predatory marketing of women and girls, and the resulting health consequences of female tobacco use in the United States.

Tips From Former Smokers®: Jessica – Secondhand Smoke & Asthma

After years of smoking cigarettes, Christine lost her teeth and half her jaw to oral cancer. In this TV ad, from CDC’s Tips From Former Smokers® campaign, Christine talks about the toll tobacco use can take, not only on the person who uses it, but also on their family and friends.

Industry Analysis Shows Breakdown on JUUL Labs Advertising

An industry analysis published in Tobacco Control found that while JUUL Labs was executing a well-publicized $30 million campaign to combat underage use of its product, it spend $66.2 million across two years on corporate responsibility advertising.