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Quit on Turkey Day

Quit Smoking this Thanksgiving Day: 5 Tips to Supress Craving


One night to go and it’s Thanksgiving day – one of our most awaited days! This is the day when we all stop working for a while to meet our closest friends, family and relatives who we don’t always have the time to spend with. It’s the day when we put out the special recipes that had been passed by our great grandmothers to other grandmas. Everyone’s excited about this special day. The food, the laughter, and the love – we all get to share them on this glorious time of the year.

But if you’re a smoker who’s trying to quit, the Thanksgiving Day may not be easy to deal with. Sure there will be a few days of feasts and beers. And what could be a better pair for beer than cigarettes? It is most likely that some of your friends and relatives are smokers. And when you see them lighting up while exchanging stories, you are going to experience an intense craving. You might think that lighting up just once is not bad. But one cigarette can lead to two, three, and four. And the habit may continue even after Thanksgiving. Before you know it, you have just gone through a relapse!

Don’t worry, there are plenty of things you can do to suppress cigarette craving during this special occasion.

  1. Delay. Whenever you feel the urge to smoke, delay it for 5-10 minutes. Studies show that craving vanishes after 10 minutes. Divert your attention. Instead of lighting up, help your spouse or parents prepare the foods.
  2. Keep the distance. If you saw your friends or relatives smoking, do not approach them yet. Let them finish their cigarettes and allow several minutes to pass so you don’t get to inhale the smoke residue.
  3. Limit your intake of fatty foods. As much as possible, limit your consumption of meat, oily foods, and unhealthy treats. They can intensify your cigarette craving. Not only that, they can also increase your waistline! Be a peaky eater. Prefer healthy foods all the time. This does not mean you have to ditch the fatty dishes. Just get a smaller portion.
  4. Tell them you’re quitting. Surely, one of your former smoking buddies is going to ask you if you want to smoke. It’s always okay to say no. But explain to them why. Tell them you’re in the process of quitting smoking. Seek their support. You cannot do it alone.
  5. Get support. During tempting times like this, you can count on to smoking cessation help that you can get from professional doctors. There are medications and treatments that can suppress your cigarette cravings for long hours.
  6. Remember your goal. You are probably quitting because you wanted to be healthy. You wanted to have more years with your family and enjoy the rest of your days living a happy and fulfilling life. STICK to your goal. No matter what it is that is inspiring you to quit, hold on to it.
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